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Testimonials from past travelers

Jessica Moura from Santiago, Chile

Hello Trang
Thank you for your message. We do remember you:-)
We had a fantastisc trip from north to south in Vietnam. The first 10 days was a good and easy start to our trip with 3 children (9, 12 and 15 years old). We all liked Hanoi, Halong Bay and Sapa - it was all great experiences!!
After that we continued on our own. From home we had booked places to sleep + read about interesting places to see. It was easy for us to buy train- and bustickets along the way. From home we had bought a planeticket from Da Nang to Nha Trang. We did visit Tam Coc, Phong Nha, Hoi An, Nha Trang, Dalat and Ho Chi Minh. We had a plane from Ho Chi Minh City to Santiago 5 january.
We felt safe, everybody was very helpful and kind to us. We don't think we had any problems - we did follow the plan we had from home and we had SO many fantastisc experiences in your country - we do recommend other to go to Vietnam!

Jon and Martina Jensen from Denmark

Dear Loan
Now we are back in Greenland – in our cold weather.
We had such a wonderful and a great time in Vietnam. It was all so well organized.
Everything went well – the guides that we had was so nice and kind to us. The pickups went well and the drivers was all kind and were on time to pick us up.
It’s a memory that we never forget. A lot of our friends want to go to Vietnam now after they had seeing our picture and heard about our tour.
We hope to come to Vietnam again someday. It’s a wonderful country with nice people and it is a peaceful place to travel in.
Thank you very much. And thank you for the pictures.

Carla and Caroline from Melbourne, Australia

Dear Phong
Thank you for the pictures. We had a wonderful trip to Vietnam with a lot of great experiences.
We were very happy with all the guides and chauffeurs helping us and giving us a very pleasant trip. And having a whole cabinn for ourselves in the train was a pleasant surprise and we had a nice trip both ways.
The hotels were generally very nice. The only one we were not very impressed with was Thien Tung hotel in Ho Chi Minh city. The breakfast was not very nice, there were problems with the wi-fi and the room was not cleaned during our stay.
There was also a bit of confussion regarding pick-up after our trip to Halong bay, but you explained that this was due to special circumstances with sickness, and we understood that it was a special situation and generally we were very well informed and taken care of during the whole trip.
The very well organised trip gave us a very nice holiday and a good impression of Vietnam and we would recommend others doing the same.
Best regards,

Lidya and Michelle, Marseille, France

For our stay in Vietnam last December (2019) I called on Hanoi Travel Tour to organize visits on part of our journey (Tam Coc, known as the Halong Bay on land). Our advisor Pham was very reactive and knew how to listen to our wishes. The program was 100% respected and our guide even knew how to adapt the course according to the weather (we had a little rain). The guide had a lot of knowledge and spoke very good English, the driver was also very nice despite the language barrier. We also appreciated that the price included the “compulsory” tips to be left during the activities (for example the boat trip to Tam Coc). Note that in Vietnam tips are almost systematic if the activity is done with a person. (However, tips for the driver and our guide are extra.) Usually I always organize my own trips, trips / visits to countries, but I admit that to get around and learn a lot of things on the country and the monuments / the region visited it is very interesting to go through a local agency, it is much more enriching. And it saves time to optimize visits. In short I highly recommend this local agency for the organization of your stay. (I booked the hotel myself so I don't comment on the choice of accommodation)

Ceez and Nicole, Rotterdam, Netherlands

We planned an à la carte stay in North Vietnam with Hanoi Travel Tour for our honeymoon, 1300km, we were 2 in the 4X4 car as well as the guide and the driver. Already, the contact for preparing the trip, before leaving, was very serious, reactive and very courteous, good advice, a personalized study according to my request, cheaper than the other agencies contacted. Then the stay was more than perfect, the guide (Bach) spoke in flawless French (I thought he had lived in France!), He knew all the subtleties of language, he delighted us with a multitude of details on culture, ethnic minorities, history, flora, with constant attention, until the last day, tirelessly, not hesitating to speak to the inhabitants whom they did not know for make us return home and discover their daily lives or make us take unexplored paths, initiating conversations with sellers on the markets to explain products to us for example. Very good driver, careful, calm, pleasant, serious, friendly even if he did not speak our language. They chose top-of-the-range courses and activities, outside of the box, without skimping on hotels or guesthouses either. We spent an unforgettable 2 weeks in North Vietnam, I must say, thanks in large part to them. Thank you !

Jean and Angelique, Bessoncourt, France

We traveled with Hanoi Travel Tour from December 21 to January 4. We started from the north, then the center with Hué and Hoian and finally ended with the south with Saigon and Phu Quoc. We are very happy with our stay. The organization by Hué and Thuy was perfect. They listened to us and understood perfectly what we wanted. The activities were great, the meals in the restaurants chosen by Hué and Thuy excellent and guides, drivers available and very helpful. Favorite for our guide in Hue / Hoian: Thanh. It made our visit more than exciting. For a first stay in Asia, we are more than delighted. Of course we will leave with Hanoi Travel Tour! Thank you Pham and Loan!

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