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Ban Gioc waterfall

Ban Gioc waterfall

In Vietnam, if Ban Gioc Waterfall is ranked second, no waterfall can be ranked first.Ban Gioc Waterfall is on the border of Vietnam and China, 70m high, 60m deep and 208m wide. This is the world's fourth largest waterfall in waterfalls on a border between nations and the biggest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia. Therefore, this is the most popular tourist destination in Cao Bang city that you should not miss.
Ban Gioc Waterfall is divided into 2 branches. Large branch(main waterfall) with low altitude flows through low limestone steps. From the far distance, the waterfall looks likea soft white silk across the hill.This is the most beautiful and largest part of Ban Gioc. The other branch (secondary waterfall) is smaller but higher, flowing gently just like the girl's hair.It has less water and will dry in the dry season.
Ban Gioc waterfall has 3 levels. The first level is a big riverbed, the second floor is a small lakebed with a width of 30m, water from small streams flows into the lake and from the lake down to river at the first level. And if you can climb up the third level, you will see a very majestic and magnificent sight of the waterfall.
During the dry season (from October to May next year), Ban Gioc waterfall is beautiful, gentle, and elegant with cool and blue water. But in the rain season, it is totally different.It is not gentle anymore but starts to flow faster and stronger, looks so majestic and intense. On sunny days, the steam from the waterfall can create beautiful rainbows. Get closer, you will hear the rumbling of the waterfall. Standing in front of the white foam waterfall, you certainly will not regret after take a long trip to come here.
Especially, if you come to Cao Bang atharvesttime in October, you can admire the golden rice fields right next to the waterfall. This is the best time to visit Ban Gioc Waterfall.
Where to visit near Ban Gioc Waterfall?

Nguom Ngao grotto
Nguom Ngao grottois known as one of the most beautiful caves in Vietnam, located deep inside a mountain, Gun Village, Dam Thuy Commune, Trung Khanh District, Cao Bang. It has a length of 2144 m, consisting of 3 main gates Nguom Ngao, Nguom Lom and Ban Thuon.
According to the Tay, Nguom Ngao means Tiger, was discovered in 1921. Deep into the cave, there are lots of stalactites with different shapes, were created by water flow in tens of thousands years. Coming here, after exploring the cave, you can take a short stop and enjoy local specialties such as roast duck, vegetable vinegar, sour bamboo shoots or buy back ribs as gifts. From this place, you can combine the visit to Ban Gioc and Po Keo nearby.

Thang Hen Lake consists of 36 natural lakes, each separated by a few tens or hundreds of meters, located ina large valley between Quoc Toan (Tra Linh) and Ngu Lao (Hoa An) commune. Local people give the name for each lake such as: Thang Vat, Na Ma, Thang Loong, Thang Hoi....
Thang Hen Lake is 2000m long, 50m wide, nestled in deep valleys, covered by old canopies, 40m depth. The name "Thang Hen" means bee tail, because if you look it from a distance you will see the lake curved like a bee's tail. Especially, this place has many natural gifts like shrimp, red carp, catfish...
You can rent a boat to explore the beauty of the lake. Early in the morning, through the mist, the scene is very romantic. The water of the lake flows all year round.Everyday, there are two tides up and down. The lake has beautiful scene,with green mountains and forests surround creating a very romantic sight...

Pac Bo is about 55km from Cao Bang, located in Truong Ha commune, Ha Quang district.It is a rock cave located deep inside the mountain, where Uncle Ho (Ho Chi Minh President) lived after returned to Vietnam. The whole relics include Le Nin stream, Pac Po cave, Uncle Ho statue, Lung Lan cave, Ngom Vai cave, Uncle Ho's work table.

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