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Hanoi cooking class 1 day

Take part in our hands-on Hanoi cooking class at a typical restaurant in Hanoi, you have chance to visit a local market to learn about Vietnamese ingredients before proceeding to the restaurant and learn under our professional chef's instruction how to prepare and cook authentic northern Vietnamese cuisine before sitting down to enjoy a delectable meal.


40 USD / per person

Hanoi cooking class 1 day
  • Itinerary

• Discover Vietnamese culture through local food
• Visit the wet suburban market which still original
• Learn how to cook a Vietnamese meal and what-you-just-cooked meals for lunch/dinner.
• Stay at a convenient location and easy to connect with the airport.
• Interact with some locals who live and work in the field next to the Red riverbank.

Pick up at your hotel and your choice to visit to a local market with the chef. Stroll around to visit distinct food sections with their variety of herbs, vegetables, meat and sea food which brings you very close to the simple life. It is very interesting to see and to learn how a local woman chooses and buys the best quality of the fresh food from numerous food stalls in the market.

Under our chef’s instruction, you might buy some ingredients for our cooking lesson – some herbs and spices (Herbs and spices are a very important part of authentic Vietnamese food)

Go to the restaurant, enjoy a drink while listening to our chef briefing about the cooking class. Ready to make it your own, go ahead!

Cooking Demonstration
You will prepare and cook by yourself under the instruction of the chef from the beginning to the end, learning how to marinate and to spice will be the most crucial lesson. You will also enjoy decorating dishes with carrot flowers, lemon grass stems, banana leaves and curved chili.

The authentic magical sauce mixed from fish sauce, water, sugar, lime, chili, garlic and herbs is very easy to make.

Then have your meal with what-you-have-cooked dishes (big portion). The chef will taste and give a reward to the best dish.

A little gift and all of the recipes from our Hanoi cooking class will be given to you as you leave.

Your cooking lesson with us is guaranteed to be educational and memorable. You will be confidence to be able to set an elaborate dinner party for your friends and families back home.

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